COMS Daylight IQ®

COMS Daylight IQ® Product Suite – A Disease Management System for enhanced Quality of Care, Improved Stakeholder Satisfaction, Maximum Performance and Strong Financial Outcomes.

The COMS Daylight IQ® disease management system, which is based upon more than ten years of clinical experience in geriatric and skilled nursing care, features a series of integrated, disease-based, clinical protocols for physicians, nurses, nursing supervisors and directors of nursing.  Deployment of the COMS product suite facilitates optimal team decision making for each resident’s personal healthcare progress.

Disease Management – The average skilled nursing home resident has one primary disease and often eight secondary diseases or afflictions.  The Daylight IQ product suite assists the nursing staff in managing multiple diseases and changes in condition. This leads to:
  • improved resident health
  • higher occupancy rates for skilled beds in the nursing home
  • a reduction in resident re-hospitalization and the associated time-consuming paperwork

  • Automated Clinical Logic/Care Guides – Daylight IQ helps caregivers track multiple diseases through the use of Care Guides.  The Care Guides include a set of measurable disease-based outcomes, creating a framework of rules that drive disease-specific alerts to the frontline nursing staff.  The Care Guides contain fully-defined information on disease and affliction categories.  For each category, hundreds of variations are defined, including probable symptoms and appropriate interventions.  An assessment data dictionary and assessment generator help provide information for consistent recording and review of resident health.

    Nursing Assessments – The COMS advanced Nursing Assessment organizes vital criteria and parameters into groups and categories.  The information is captured and utilized by frontline caregivers to record observations about each resident.  This configurable Nursing Assessment is a powerful way to gather, compare and analyze a resident's medical data and interventions on a shift-to-shift or a day-to-day basis.  The medical director and/or the director of nursing set parameters which provide an alert for any anomalies.  The Nursing Assessment information can also be used for reviewing best practices and training.

    Reporting – Daylight IQ generates a number of dynamic online and offline on-request reports for executive management, nursing management, nurses and nurses aides. Additional reports can be created as needed. Daylight IQ can be integrated easily into existing applications.  The company offers an applications programming interface (API) which lays the foundation for a seamless connection between Daylight IQ and systems already in place at the facility.


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    Quality of Care - Daylight IQ can reduce unnecessary hospitalizations by up to 50%, allowing residents to convalesce in a more comfortable environment. Lower re-hospitalization rates translate into increased revenue for the facility.

    Improved Stakeholder Satisfaction - Using Daylight IQ helps facilities enjoy better staff morale. Facilities also benefit from an improved care record, which drives word-of-mouth referrals and revenues.

    Maximizing Performance - Facilities using the Daylight IQ suite are rated higher by local hospitals, as the staff more effectively manages residents with multiple acute and chronic diseases. This in turn leads to more referrals. Over a three-year period, facilities using the COMS System reported a referral rate increase well over 250%.

    Strong Financial Outcomes - With the Daylight IQ system, residents remain in the skilled nursing facility for an average of ten additional days. Facilities using Daylight IQ have realized an increase in occupied skilled beds of up to 87%, and a skilled bed reimbursement increase of up to 247%.

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    Improved operational and clinical practices drive large financial improvements. COMS facilities have demonstrated that residents remain in skilled beds for longer periods of time, and that a facility can handle more complex needs residents (with higher reimbursement per bed), without additional nursing staff.

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    Crowing about COMS

    • "Daylight IQ® has shown to improve both clinical and financial outcomes, and will be a critical component of an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) in the healthcare model of the 21st century."
      - Simon Mittal, MD, Mayo Clinic and CEO, Envisage Health
    • "COMS Interactive and the Daylight IQ® initiatives are directly aligned with the goals of our Continuum of Care Disease Management Program."
      - Gus Kious, MD, President, Summa Physicians, Inc.
    • "I have seen the confidence and competency of the health care team become even more evident since Daylight IQ® was implemented. More importantly, our residents are benefiting from improved quality of care."
      - Sherry Thomas, RN, Director of Nursing, Whitehall Boca Raton